Thursday, January 11, 2007

Five things you didn't know about me

Blast Bryan Murley! He's tagged me with one these "Five things you didn't know about me ..." memes. I'll play along, but only because after working hours next to me at Newsplex, he knows too many of my secrets:

1) After 31 years of marriage, I love my wife even more each day.

2) I went to college to be an astrophysicist. Almost made it and then decided I didn't want to go to school for seven more years. So what am I doing now???

3) I'm a big marshmallow inside. Really. Despite what my copy-editing students say on Facebook.

4) I'm a James Bond freak.

5) I really gave an entire class all A's once.

Problem is, whom to tag, since as Martin Stabe notes, half the universe has been tagged already.

Let's try Nicole Stockdale, Bill Walsh (even though I have a hunch what his reaction will be), Andy Bechtel, FEV, and my sister-in-law, who makes the best dang hot browns 'round Georgetown, Ky.

Bill Walsh reminds that back in April he posted 100 things about him on his other blog, Off Topic. And then there were four ...

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At 1/12/07, 11:28 AM, Blogger Andy Bechtel said...

Here are my five, but I am going to resist tagging anyone:

1. My first car was a Dodge Omni.

2. Before taking my first editing class, I wanted to be a writer for Rolling Stone.

3. A page designer told me that I came off as "scary" on first impression.

4. I hit an RBI triple in my final at-bat in Little League baseball; the pitcher was my next-door neighbor.

5. I can (sort of) play two songs on guitar: "I Can't Explain" by The Who and the bass line to "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac — the latter seems appropriate here.


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