Friday, October 19, 2007

Rodriguez leaves Sacramento

Sacramento Bee Exec Ed Rick Rodriguez resigns. Read all about it here on the blog of Howard Weaver, McClatchy's news VP.

Rodriguez and publisher Janis Heaphy apparently have "different visions" of where the paper is going. No details.

Interesting, however, that Weaver laid it all out on his blog, internal memo and all. Which of course also raises the question of why the newpaper site's story doesn't have that as a link or sidebar. Weaver may still have some work to do.

As for Rodriguez, don't shed too many tears. He goes to work after the first of the year as a consultant to Weaver.

(I only met Rodriguez once, at an ACES convention in Los Angeles, but I was impressed with his clarity and forthrightness about what ails the industry.)

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