Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CoScripter update

Well, I finally made my first CoScripter script today. For some background, see my previous post on this killer Firefox plug-in from the IBM labs.

Went like a dream, and now I have a permanent record for my class of how to get to census data on population mobility. (I always have to fumble around to find those tables.)

The script is below, just cut and pasted from the Co-Scripter window. The plain English you see is exactly how it comes out as you click, click, click. I added the line at the bottom and the parenthetical material.

This is a great teaching tool, but also what a great tool for newsrooms to keep a permanent record of how to do things online. Thank you , IBM.

The script (it's a script when run through CoScripter's plug-in but otherwise just a plain old text file):

How to get to Census mobility data

* go to "http://www.census.gov/"
* click the "American FactFinder" link
* click the "American Community Survey"'s "get data" link
* click the 2006 American Community Survey"'s "Enter a table number" link (or select another year and follow the same link)
* enter "s0701" into the "Enter a table number:" textbox (you might have to do this manually for it to work)
* click the "Go" button
* click the "geography (state, county. place...)" link
* select "..... County
" from the "Nation" listbox
* select "South Carolina" from the "--select a state--" listbox
* select "Richland County" from the "Select a geographic area and click 'Show Result'" listbox
* click the "Show Result" button

You can go back and change geography just by clicking on the "change geography" link in the upper left.

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At 10/17/07, 1:20 PM, Anonymous jack lail said...

Doug, that sounds pretty neat.


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