Friday, July 25, 2008

Ledger Live

The Newark Star-Ledger becomes the latest newsroom on Monday to enter the video newscast sweepstakes.

Read about it -- and watch some good videos on fellow Carnival of Journalism blogger (and Star-Ledger deputy managing editor) John Hassell's "The Exploding Newsroom" blog. As he puts it, it's an attempt to "find new ways to bring the people formerly known as the audience (thanks to Jay Rosen for that phrase) into the process of making what was formerly known as television."

From what I've seen so far, I like the guy they have anchoring. This isn't TV. It isn't even what was formerly known as TV (sorry, John, but I've been there and TV is a different beast; this is online video, in whatever form). But if you are going to do any kind of newscast, the anchor is critical.

Brian Donohue, who's doing the anchoring, has just enough "Hey, Dude" personality without going over the top.

Good luck to all.

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At 8/3/08, 7:13 AM, Anonymous John Hassell said...


A belated thanks for this post. We've now got a week behind us, and it's starting to feel like maybe we can actually make this work. Brian, who had never stepped in front of a camera before this, is really a natural, we think, and I'm glad you like the vibe.

As an aside, I was born in Columbia and grew up in Charleston, and about half my family went to USC. Spent many a weekend at Williams-Brice Stadium. Go Gamecocks.



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