Friday, August 15, 2008

A little business insight

As usual, David Sullivan has one of his good posts looking at department stores, advertising and the business of newspapers. He looks at ads in the paper in 1966 and today. It's revealing.

But of just as much interest is the comment on the piece by "Scoats," who it would appear owns or has an interest in a local Philly bar (the kind that make me miss working in that city).

A big difference between 1966 and now is that nearly everyone read the Bulletin. Nearly nobody I know reads the hard copy of the Inky. As a small business owner and potential advertiser, that's a problem for me. I see advertising in the paper as high cost/low impact per eyeball

For almost 20 years, I have noticed how few homes get home delivery here in Philadelphia. ...

Go read the rest of it. It's important to understand how small-business people, the ones that some commentators see as necessary to help newspapers transition, see our business. As we often have said about the collective wisdom of our readers - it usually is greater than our own.

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