Monday, March 02, 2009

This was the week that was

I've been toiling on a post about last week and the news biz for several days, trying to do it between a mound of grading and other commitments, such as getting out a new Convergence Newsletter.

Between the closing of the Rocky, the cancellation of the ASNE conference, various bankruptcies, and the announcement that the NY Times was -- finally -- embarking on some citizen journalism projects, this will go down as one of those watershed weeks in the news biz.

But then Mark Potts came along and wrote the post I was working on, so read his.

(Pardon the infrequency of posting here lately, but with three lab classes, including senior semester, and the newsletter, the workload at times can be crushing and life is a triage suite.)

Also of note, Howard Owens after leaving Gatehouse says he's going to go it alone running The Batavian. All the best to him on that; if anyone can pull it off, he probably can.

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At 3/2/09, 8:30 PM, Blogger Davisull said...

Does that mean Gatehouse sold him the Batavian? (I hate to say this, but was perhaps the Batavian not the success that was anticipated?) And what does this mean for the Kansas City Kansan?


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