Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twitter tools and Diigo buys Furl

Smashing Magazine has a list of "99 essential Twitter tools and applications." Definitely worth bookmarking for looking at now and later.

Discovered it through Diigo -- the social bookmarking service has taken over Furl.net. While Diigo and Furl say that importing Furl's bookmarks is as simple as one click, I've not gotten any of the Furl material in my Diigo queue yet.

I'd suggest that if you have a Furl account you sign on and download a zip archive.

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At 4/1/09, 1:13 PM, Blogger Ultramum said...

I have given up trying to import my bookmarks into Diigo - not impressed at all as the zipped archive is not as easily accessible as FURL yet I will soon no longer have the option to use furl and my 4+ years of bookmarks are not available via Diigo :-(


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