Monday, March 02, 2009

New Convergence Newsletter - Dec-Feb

A new Convergence Newsletter is out. (In my other life I'm exec ed.)

I think it has several important pieces this month, including a look by Susan Keith and Leslie Jean-Thornton at how convergence has changed into "Webvergence" for many newsrooms. (Remember that long-ago "vision" of Media General in Tampa of converged TV and newspaper newsrooms? What were we thinking?)

John Coakley also has intriguing proposition -- stop just doing studies of journalists and start doing studies for them, taking into account their points of view.

There's more -- and it's free, both on the Web and in a monthly e-mail subscription. See past issues here.

Our blog allows you get an RSS feed and to comment on each issue.

I encourage you to subscribe. More important, I encourage you to contribute -- not money, but articles. The newsletter spans that valley between academic and professional publications. Among our upcoming issues: Convergence and communities, international developments, and convergence in the classroom.

Contact me if you have any thoughts or questions.


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