Tuesday, July 26, 2016

SC Newspaper Circulation - the bleeding continues

I've written before about how South Carolina's capital city newspaper, The State, has been bleeding circulation. The new numbers in the S.C. Press Association handbook paint an even more troubling picture statewide.

Not that this isn't happening almost everywhere, of course, but it's useful to know the numbers, especially since most have dropped under 50,000, which used to be the cutoff for a metro daily.

Updated: I found 2008-09 SCPA figures, which paint an even starker picture.

The State43,67596,759112,051
Greenville News45,60170,04687,609
(Spartanburg) Herald Journal28,38039,22746,738
(Charleston) Post and Courier62,08196,00599,829
(Myrtle Beach) Sun News35,76047,28251,731
(Florence) Morning News18,84228,63131,163

Another dramatic drop is the Times & Democrat in Orangeburg, which has slipped under 10,000 to 8,468 from 20,345 just seven years ago.

As with much of the industry, so far, from what I can tell, the online numbers aren't filling the gap.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

This AP story on Pokemon got a little ahead of itself

It's kind of an axiom of news writing that the first example you use in a story should back up the lede.

This AP story on Pokemon Go trips over that test ... unless the woman quoted owns the museum.

It's easily addressed. Just extend the lede with a second graf, something perhaps like:  And some people, like xxxx, are so miffed by some of the players' conduct that they're trying to harness the power of online crowds to back up those requests.

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