Sunday, February 13, 2005

Another reason to LOVE editors

The latest issue of Life magazine has a story "The Valentine You Can't Resist" that explains how Hallmark creates its valentine cards. Among the things to warm editors' hearts:

  • The card you see here has been rewritten, revised, tweaked, and polished through at least six versions during a 12-week editorial and design process.
  • Armed with their ideas sketched on index cards, writer Allyson Jones ... and her colleagues attend daily 3 p.m. meetings, where two editors vet their jokes.
  • Writer John Peterson notes that he rewrites each line two to five times.
And for those of you who like to debate style, Hallmark's editors, too, have their stylebook:
To avoid cards that compliment in a vague and unsatisfying way, the word "special" is a no-no in Hallmark valentines.

So remember our slogan: Editors -- when you want to send the very best.

(Unfortunately, Life does not link to its articles, forcing you to find a paper somewhere that carries it. Now, if its editors had only done something about that abomination on the cover "The Kids are Alright." But, hey, I guess it was all right to try to be cool.)


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