Monday, October 23, 2006

Numeracy: When it's not quite all there

For your consideration, two examples of falling short, literally, on the numbers.

Our first specimen:

Rule No. 1 (or 2, I forget) of infographics: If you use a pie chart, the percentages should add to 100 because people, seeing a circle, believe they are seeing the whole. You do the math ...

And then, just for fun, ponder this one:

Need any more be said?


At 10/24/06, 12:22 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Those are just poor. Either everyone is in a rush, or people think that others are just dumb.

At 10/24/06, 12:58 PM, Blogger Andy Bechtel said...

Two observations:

-- This is evidence that the overused "24/7" has lost its meaning.
-- The colors and patterns in the pie chart make me queasy. And why isn't fried Coke on there?

At 10/24/06, 2:27 PM, Blogger Doug said...

My apologies for the greenish hue and some of the coloring. Blogger did that when I uploaded it. I suspect I left the original in CMYK insead of RGB. I'll try to redo. Having said that, however, the patterns still are a bit busy for easy understanding.

At 10/24/06, 10:13 PM, Blogger Doug said...

There, that's better. RGB wins the day again.


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