Monday, June 23, 2008

Editor needed, Stat!

You know, when you're one of the biggest companies keeping track of things on the Web, as Nielsen boasts, well it kind of hurts your credibility a bit when you can't get the name of a Web site right. I mean, after all, you're supposed to be tracking those things, right?

So we turn to the Nielsen blog, where one Greg Hay adds his two cents to the dust up between AP and the Drudge Retort. (Basically, he's speculating that the calls for a blog boycott against AP might not be all that effective.)

Only, take a look at the two graphics below. See anything out of whack?

Yep, roger that Rubber Ducky. We've got us an editorial train wreck. As a matter of fact, the Drudge Report is one of the most widely visited sites on the Web. Didn't Hay or someone else at Nielsen think it a bit suspicious that even in its moment of glory, the "Report" was not moving the needle all that much? Not only is it in the graphic, but it's throughout Hay's blog post.

Get me an editor, stat! Oh, a little late to save this patient, but maybe Nielsen might think about hiring a copy editor or two; there are several laid off ones who might like the work.

Juen 25:
The post has now been corrected to reflect Drudge Retort. The beauty of the Web. As famously said, "We can fact-check your ass."

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At 6/23/08, 4:38 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I thank you for pointing out my mistake; this was 100% mine. I misread the story last week and processed "Drudge" as the Drudge Report. This post is my own personal opinion and represents findings done outside of work. It is an issue I found compelling and looked into on my own time. While I totally botched it on Friday, I have rerun my charts and they are reflective of what is currently accurate.
The new chart links are below.



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