Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stupid layoffs

Yeah, I know, no layoffs are good. But today's layoffs at The State, including nine newsroom workers, included editorial page editor Brad Warthen.

File this under "stupid."

Warthen, love him or hate him -- and many people did both -- "got" the Web. He wasn't necessarily one of the first - the paper's toe-dipping online kept that from happening -- but once there he went at it hard, aggressively and with some innovation (incorporating video, etc.).

You sort of knew this was coming, however. The State, as have many papers, has severely trimmed its editorial section, some days running, in essence, just letters to the editor.

Among others reportedly cut: editorial cartoonist Robert Ariail (again, no surprise, but just as sad; it was a bit of a point of pride to live in a town with a paper with a cartoonist of his caliber) and metro editor Christi Shayne (though her husband, Andy, stays on for now running the business pages).

Other names surfacing:
Reporter Robin Nalepa
Reporter/arts critic: Jeffrey Day
Online editor: Tonyia McGirt
Assistant sports editor Mark Lawrence

South Carolina has long been referred to as "too small to be a state, to large to be an insane asylum." We all knew this was coming, but the sad part is that between these cuts and others around the state, the inmates are now much more likely to be able to run the asylum.

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At 3/12/09, 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When it's over..."

At 3/12/09, 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can confirm Day and also his editor, Mark Layman from Life & Arts.

So much for local coverage of the arts.

It's amusing that The State (Henry Haitz) said they're profitable, but had to make the cuts because they were McClatchy-dictated.

Jason Rapp '02
South Carolina Philharmonic

At 3/12/09, 6:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As well as the entire Specialty Publications Dept. From the VP all the way down. Salespeople, editors, designers, all gone. Kim Daglish, McKenzie Welsh, Jamaal Lewis, etc


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