Friday, November 05, 2010

Sure we lifted your story - pay us

File this under unbelievable.

From The Consumerist - small magazine Cooks Source lifts a writer's story wholesale off the Web. Claims the Web is "public domain" and then, when the writer asks for payment (in form of donation to Columbia journalism school), tells her she should pay the mag for editing her work.

The crowd is piling on on the "Cook's Source" Facebook page ... and on  another page, created after the tsunami hit. Good for them!

And here's a running update of various reactions from Storify. See also Washington Post story.

At Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, there is a proposed new definition for editor Judith Griggs' name -- to be Griggsed - have your work plagiarized and then have the plagiarist demand payment from you for the privilege.

Here's the original post from the writer and some more backstory from a friend.

And Edward Champion has a long list of things Cooks Source has apparently lifted without permission.

Update: The magazine has now apparently shut down. This is a cache of Griggs' statement. And, in fairness, a writer on Tech Crunch suggesting it was a case of internet mob violence.



At 11/5/10, 12:15 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Ironically, this may serve as another example of the "Rakolta Effect" (named for the woman who started a protest campaign against "Married with Children" that ended up increasing the ratings by more than 50 percent), whereby the evil publisher will actually end up making much more revenue from getting their publication name out there, plus extra value from the website traffic. The author shouuld hire Righthaven, LLC--they know how to sue for copyright infringement... A Grant


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