Monday, February 02, 2004

Lost the network at 5 p.m., got it back at 5:30 and began crankin'. I'm amazed at the images we've been able to upload just in some brief testing. The TextAmerica software is clunky -- but with a few last-minute changes by TA's tech staff, it's actually remarkably flexible.
What we've learned so far:
- In the press for speed, folks in the field sometimes skipped inputting text and just sent pictures. That actually turned out to be slower as the storybuilder (me) had to go to the phone and retrieve the information.
- As expected, some of the students came back with great statements -- but not enough info to back it. Hey, it's a learning experience.
- While the blog's a good idea and we can create categories, the first page "main" that most users seee will contain everything -- a bit overwhelming.

Still, we're cookin'.


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