Friday, January 26, 2007

Attention H.S. journalists - Stockholm beckons

We write enough about watered-down journalism here, but here's one about jouralism about water.

Got this entreaty in from an agency rep seeking to get the word out:
I work with ITT Corp., who is in the second year of sponsoring the ITT Award for Excellence in Student Water Journalism. With the rise in new media, I thought it would be interesting to spread word of the opportunity to the online network of journalists through bloggers.

Essentially, the award is for high school students who write about water-related issues. The winner (and their advisor) receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Stockholm, Sweden, to report from World Water Week. If the student has an article published from World Water Week, he or she will receive a $1000 scholarship. There is more information available online at

Not sure how many high school papers are doing hard-hitting stories on water issues besides the price of bottled water in the cafeteria, but if you are, sounds like an interesting opportunity.

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