Friday, July 27, 2007

Link, dang it

On the Yahoo newspaper video group site (registration req.), a person from a major East Coast newspaper, writing about the new NFL rules on practice camp video, says he still is "having trouble swallowing" the rule to link to the NFL and team site.

Look, there are many things to object to in all the silliness coming from major league sports organizations vis a vis journalism and the 'Net. Telling you to link to the source sites is not one of them. See how easy it is (above). This is a remnant of the still struggling to get it phase -- the ethos of the Internet says link! So what if you think it's free publicity. To your readers it's a convenience in helping them get where they want to go -- or to places they might not have thought of going.

Enough already. You shouldn't have to be told.

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