Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pegasus sold

Pegasus News, the quirky hyper-hyper local site in Dallas has been sold, so says founder Mike Orren.

Pegasus is now part of Seattle's Fisher Communications (No relation. I wish ...). Orren says that was the only group that really "got it" when it came to what Pegasus is trying to do (which is create an intensely personal local news experience).

Orren, in his post, reveals that Pegasus ran out of cash in February but kept soldiering on.

I still think Peg is one of the must-watch sites out there to see how things can work and develop.

And I love reading the "credits."

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At 7/26/07, 9:41 AM, Anonymous Big H said...

Thanks, Doug. I'd never noticed Pegasus' credits page before.



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