Thursday, May 26, 2005

RSS ads - Christian Science Monitor

Been a lot of discussion lately about putting ads in RSS feeds.

But I noticed on my RSS reader today a kind of (to my mind) classy way of doing it via the Christian Science Monitor. The entry says ADVERTISEMENT -- How far would you go to end the climate crisis?

The text accompanying it: This summer, two explorers will cross the Arctic Ocean to highlight the severe impact global warming is already having on polar regions. You can help! Urge Congress to pass the Climate Stewardship Act, and take the pledge to stop global warming.

Simple and, I think, effective. It's transparent -- very clearly an ad -- to the point and with enough information to decide whether to click (when you do, it redirects you to an online petition at

As long as the ADVERTISEMENT lines don't crowd out the news and other entries, I can live with this and might even check one or two out occasionally.


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